i have worked with this plant extensively. 

this tincture is made from wild foraged wild lettuce that i harvested myself at high summer during a dry spell (its peak season) and tinctured it fresh. 

matthew wood has the perfect description for wild lettuce so i offer his gnosis. 

'lactua relaxes tight muscles and settles insomnia. it is indicated for stiff, sore persons with painful muscles, especially in the lower back.' 

'(...)cold goes to a deeper level, anchoring in the muscles and articulations. resulting in stiff, sore muscles, lack of bend ability, soreness in the lower back and shallow respiration from tight muscles across the chest.' - The Earthwise Herbal Volume 1 pages 307-308

he also mentions that it's good for negative thinking and poor attitudes.

i couldn't agree more. i find that it's an excellent remedy for nihilistic people that refuse to advocate for their health. 

they're in pain and moody but don't want to talk about it or believe in possible resolution. 

i love to add reishi here as well. they go hand in hand.

>> a side note. many people have been chronically unwell or in pain for a long time. 

choosing the proper remedy or regimen based on specific presentation usually brings very prompt relief that continues to develop over time. 

we might need to put a couple things together to bring prompt + lasting change. 

i'm always glad to do a consultation  

i think it's worth mentioning that this remedy is specific for irritable, angsty adolescents with acne + skin troubles. 

matthew wood uses it for cystic acne with much success. 

i have found it to be very reliable in resolving these issues for young men. 

i have seen it work well for some young women, especially when testosterone seems to be the issue, but there are a couple different underlying patterns that can cause this and it's better to look at overall presentation to figure out which remedy is most appropriate + effective. message me and we'll figure it out 

wild lettuce is sedative. dosage depends on time of day and your personal sensitivity. 5 drops may be enough to make you tired if you're sensitive. 

some people prefer to take this remedy solely at bed time. i find that 1-2 dropper fulls is the preferred night time dose, especially for larger people who are in pain. 

i recommend keeping it on hand for people who's back pain becomes debilitating from time to time. 

(i highly recommend an acupuncturist and a very good chiropractor. though it can be tricky to find a very good chiropractor)

this tincture is often apart of a pain regimen with some of the following: 

-the hermit night time tea blend

-reishi mushroom tincture

-stinging nettle tincture 

-joint support tincture (solomon's seal, mullein, nettle)

-my st. john's wort. mullein. burdock. 

 pain tincture (etsy always deletes this listing. message me for the extensive description)

-teasel root

+ i have two wonderful pain salves. 

please read their descriptions to see if one or both would be appropriate for you. 

for extra relief put a layer of salve directly on the skin then do a castor oil pack.

i'm a huge fan of castor oil packs

they're simple, effective + inexpensive. 

(heating pad + castor oil soaked cloth over troublesome areas or abdomen. easily searchable online) 

a small note that wild lettuce may help someone going through withdrawals. if you need help with this matter please reach out. 

etsy deleted this post recently because i offered more details on this matter. 

feel free to message me with questions. i consult for free so you can have the most effective + minimal regimen to safely address your concerns. be well!

wild lettuce tincture- tinctured fresh wild foraged

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