These are wild pawpaws that were growing on the property before we took over in 2018.  We have added genetic diversity, and cut back some of the competing beech and maple to get more light to the pawpaw trees in an effort to increase production.  Ripeness may vary.
2023 update! 2023 has been a particularly bad year here in northern Ohio for my wild pawpaw trees. I have been monitoring them all summer, and the fruiting has been, in a word, dismal. Unfortunately, that means that I will not have any fruit available for sale this year. So sorry to have to post this, but this is what happens when you let the natural process rule. Sometimes they don't do what you had hoped. Please keep us in mind, and we will update on the 2024 crop. Thanks!
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The Foraging Farm
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The Foraging Farm is family owned micro-farm nestled in the South Madison, Ohio area, and established in 2018. We apply permaculture design and principals to mostly wild" or forgotten foods. We believe that healthy unpolluted soils offer the best opportunity for any plant or animal to grow up healthy nutritious and yummy. For this reason we never use any chemical fertilizers pesticides herbicides or other 'cides. We also offer Permaculture design services for everything from a small 1/4 acre urban lot to farms of 100 acres or more. Our dream for the future of agriculture is that traveling past a farm looks only a little different than traveling past a mature forest. Feel free to check out our current harvest and see what products are now for sale!

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