July 2022 Harvest

Ethically and sustainably wild crafted Reishi Mushroom slices, ganoderma tsugae. 1oz

These Reishi were harvested from the pristine and ethereal hemlock groves of Northeast Kingdom Vermont.

There is a special energy to herbs growing in the wild. Herbs harvested from pristine, wild areas are beyond organic standards. Wild herbs typically have higher concentrations of medicinal compounds and trace minerals than the same plants grown in cultivation.

“Using them as medicine provides us with the opportunity to learn wisdom about ourselves and Nature in a slowly unfolding manner. We can never know it all- only a fraction in fact- but the herbs are capable of constantly drawing us into a deeper understanding of ourselves as they heal us and we understand them.”

-Matthew Wood

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Devils Hill Herbs
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We offer fresh seasonal wild crafted goods fresh and dry herbs herbal tinctures and whatever else Mother Nature calls on us to share.

We have been learning the forests around us and foraging for many years. There is a special energy to the wild plants here and we would like to share these with others to promote more health and well-being.

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