If you’re a raspberry lover, Wineberries will surprise and delight you with their flavor. These are not your typical grocery store berries — they are much sweeter and more flavorful, just like the name suggests. The flavors you’ll experience vary slightly depending on how long they’re left to develop in the sun before being harvested. Even better for ethical foraging, wineberries are invasive in the United States and cannot be over-harvested. 

Wineberries belong to the raspberry family and are darker, juicier and richer in flavor than raspberries. Wineberries boast a sweetness that makes them perfect for baking, drinking and eating fresh from the bush. 

One important thing to note is that wineberries do tend to fall apart a bit (not mushy, just into their various clusters), more so than raspberries and blackberries regardless of their level of freshness. Every effort will be made on my part to keep the wineberries mostly intact, but some may come apart in transit. 

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Welcome! Toadstool Botanicals is here to bring you closer to plants & fungi through ethically foraged and cultivated goods. This business is owned and solely run by Rachel - an herbalist, farmer, and forager living in the mid-Atlantic region of the US. I pride myself on growing or foraging every single plant that goes into each product, and highlighting the immense power of plants local to the Washington DC, mid-Atlantic, and East Coast regions. Toadstool Botanicals focuses on seasonal offerings, and working with the plants around us. I especially value foraging invasive species and practicing reciprocity with the ecosystems and plant communities I harvest from through environmental stewardship and education. Feel free to drop me a message any time if you have questions about foraging in metropolitan areas, how I source different items, or anything else that comes to mind!

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