This Indiana Wood Nettle is foraged on several wooded areas in central Indian far away from any crop fields, roads, or walkways to ensure that they have not come into contact with any herbicides, insecticides, etc. Only the top few sets of leaves are harvested off each plant to ensure that the colony will continue to prosper.

The leaves are dried whole in small batches, then hand-crumbled (after they are washed of course!) into air-tight jars and stored in a cool, dark place until it is packaged for shipment.

Scientific Name:

Laportea canadensis


Wood nettle, also called Canada nettle, is a plant of the nettle family Urticaceae that grows in moist and shady habitats in eastern and central North America. It has a single or branched stem with alternate leaves, stinging hairs, light green flowers in panicles, and leaves with toothed margins.


Samuel Thayer proclaims wood nettle “the superior vegetable by a wide margin.” Considered by many to be the tastier of the two between itself and stinging nettle, both plants have the same uses and properties.

It can be used as a tea, or cooked as one would prepare spinach. If you choose to enjoy this as a tea, please be sure to strain it properly after steeping to ensure that all trichomes are kept out to prevent irritation.

It can be used to improve several health aspects like heart issues, gut health, immunity development, kidney function enhancement, allergy reduction, UTI treatment and arthritis pain. It is a powerful blood purifier that drives out toxins from the body, making it the perfect addition to your daily routine to stay healthy.

This lovely herb has antibacterial, antifungal, astringent, and anti-inflammation properties. What’s more, it is rich in vitamins A, B, C, and K, along with containing carotene and iron.

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