This listing is for seeds! Try your hand at growing a fantastic medicinal plant. These plants don't need a lot of love and attention to grow. They will grow in about any soil type. I don't even bother growing these in the garden, I plant them in a little strip along the tree line and they do just fine. You can even see these guys growing in ditches along roadsides and driveways.

Each lot will contain a packet of seeds that has roughly 100 mature seeds in it. These will be ready to plant as soon as you receive them. If you choose to plant them in the fall you will have a harvest in early summer of the following year. If planted in early summer you will have enough time to grow and harvest them by late fall. The later you harvest the larger your root will be. I like to let several of my flowers bloom completely and then go to seed for the following year. If you choose seeds from your strongest plants, your crop will get better as the years progress.

Let's talk about some benefits....

The yellow goatsbeard plant root is sweet in flavor and slightly gummy. It contains several sugars (carbohydrates) such as inositol and mannitol and small amounts of proteins and lipids (fats). It is a good appetizer, and diuretic, sudorific (increases perspiration), and depurative.

Its use is especially recommended for those people suffering from arteriosclerosis, rheumatism, gout, and high blood pressure as it promotes the elimination of toxic metabolic waste.

Diabetic people may take it freely because its carbohydrates do not increase glucose in the blood.

How to use Yellow Goatsbeard....

Root: The best way to take advantage of its virtues is by eating it raw, sliced in a salad. It may also be cooked.

Young leaves: In a salad. Their flavor resembles that of chicory and lettuce.

WARNING! Do not eat yellow goatsbeard fruits and seeds, which are TOXIC!! The rest of the plant does not present problems.
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