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Kerri with a giant puffball mushroom (Calvatia gigantea)

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Your one stop shop for Minnesota wild mushrooms. All sourced and foraged responsibly from the North Woods. Different seasons bring different blends of flavors, feel free to check often for new finds.

What state/area are you in? Do you have social media for your foraging?

The North Woods of Minnesota. Roughly 2 hours South of the Canadian border. The only social media that I hop on is Twitter: @Emotional_Oasis. Truth be told I have it set to auto tweet items from my woodshop. I try to spend as little time as I can tied to the keys. Would much rather be in the woods or on the lake.

Tell us how you got into foraging. How long have you been a forager?

Foraging started out as a necessity when I was just a child. My folks didn’t have a lot of money so I would go out with my parents to help find food for the table. As I got older it just felt like a very natural and honest part of life. Having the knowledge to find fresh, healthy food to put on my family’s table has always been very important to me. I did my best to pass that same knowledge to my daughter as she grew up.

What’s your favorite mushroom to pick/favorite season? If you can’t pick just one, that is completely fine!

My hands down favorite mushroom to hunt is the elusive black morel. This far North we don’t have much in the way of golden morels, but the blacks can be plentiful if you know where to stomp.

My favorite season, on the other hand, is autumn. The fall mushroom hunt is always fun. There are so many awesome fall shrooms to pick. Chanterelles, lobsters, giant puff balls, rosullas, bolettes, corals, pestles, it just goes on and on.

What do you like most about foraging? What’s a cool fact about foraging that you think people should know?

What I enjoy most about foraging is simply the experience. You can go to the exact same spot in the woods every day for a month and never have the same experience twice. The angle of the sun, the clouds passing over head, different birds singing, squirrels chipping over the tree they just claimed, it is all very fluid and always in motion.

A cool foraging fact: For everything that can hurt you in nature, there is always something close by that can heal you. An example…poison ivy. Most foragers know exactly what I’m talking about. But it you’re out picking and you find yourself suddenly in the ivy, take a quick look around. There is almost always jewelweed (the spotted touch-me-not) growing right there with the poison ivy. If you pluck some leaves from the jewelweed, crush and roll them around in your hand and wipe the spots of poison ivy it will not only stop the spread of the poison, but it will dry the poison and get rid of it for you. Awesome right? And yes, I learned that one the hard way.

Favorite foraging/mushroom recipe: Go!

A family favorite here is grilled puffballs. It’s simple and flavorful. Simply take your burger buns, spread garlic butter on them and grill the buns until the buttered side is slightly crispy. Take your giant puffball and cut it like a loaf of bread keeping the slabs roughly the same thickness as bread. Again, brush a small amount of garlic butter on your mushroom slab. Grill it with low flames until the outside is slightly crispy. Serve it up on the grilled buns. Add lettuce and whatever else you would like. Grilled shroom veggie burgers- a perfect taste of the season!

Tell us a cool non-foraging/non-mushroom related fact. We are normal humans after all!

Non-foraging, non-mushroom fact? I guess that leaves me being a total lake rat. Any extra time that I find I am at the lake in my kayak or I have a rod in my hand. And the camera goes every where that I do.

Never pass up the opportunity to see the beauty surrounding you!

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