How to Cook Greenbrier

Greenbrier – sometimes called ‘wild asparagus’ – is the Spring vegetable that puts whimsical tendrils on your plate.

Plate Of Greenbrier

What does Greenbrier Taste Like?

Many people will say that any Spring shoot that’s green and crunchy kind of “tastes like asparagus” – but in greenbrier’s case, it does! The flavor can change drastically based on species and region, but they’re always sweet, green, and pleasantly vegetal. Plus, their curled stalks and long tendrils make for whimsical shapes and deliver a delightful crispy-tender crunch.

Doesn’t Greenbrier have Thorns?

The thorns of the greenbrier plant are tough, sharp, and hard when the vine is mature but tender and soft when young. When we talk about eating greenbrier, we’re talking just about the shoots in Spring. The new growth of the plant has a texture like young asparagus, with a little less woodiness.

How do you Cook Greenbrier?

It’s best to first prep your greenbrier shoots by trimming, blanching, and shocking the stalks. This turns them bright green but keeps their crisp-tender texture. Once prepped, they can be sautéed, grilled, chopped in a salad, served under fish, or sliced in egg dishes. It’s such a versatile and approachable vegetable, you can’t go wrong!

Where Can I Find Greenbrier?

Greenbrier grows abundantly in a variety of soil compositions – but you can also purchase some directly from reputable foragers right here on Foraged Market!

The Greenbrier in these photos were provided by Commander’s Cap Organics!

harvest young greenbrier shoots or buy from Foraged
sort the shoots into different thicknesses
trim dried ends and discolored tendrils
blanch in boiling water and and shock in ice water
dry thoroughly
before & after blanching
try adding them to a polenta
try them in our recipe for greenbrier with lemony cream
try them in a frittata
as always - get creative!

How to Cook Greenbrier

Greenbrier - sometimes called 'wild asparagus' - is the Spring vegetable that puts whimsical tendrils on your plate.
Prep Time15 mins
Total Time15 mins
Course: how to
Cuisine: American
Keyword: greenbrier
Yield: 4 servings
Calories: 100kcal
Author: JB Douglas
Cost: $15


  • Greenbrier Shoots


  • 1. Sort your greenbrier shoots into their various thicknesses - this will make blanching the shoots easier.
  • 2. Trim the dried or tough bottoms of any of the shoots. Remove any discolored tendrils and trim any dark or soft spots.
  • 3. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil, and prepare a bowl of ice water. Cooking one thickness at a time, submerge the shoots in the boiling water and cook until they turn bright green, about 30 seconds. The thinner ones will cook faster. Remove from the pot and immediately submerge in ice water to halt the cooking. Repeat with remaining thicknesses.
  • 4. Dry thoroughly, then store or prepare according to recipe instructions.

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