Grown in North Central Minnesota tucked against the Mississippi River is a Wild Rice Paddy that that has taken a different approach to farming. This Wild Rice is grown under the Organic standards to produce a 100% Organic Crop. From the field where the undisturbed wetland produces this fine aquatic grain it's transported a short distance to the mill where it is kept completely seperate through it's entire process to be table ready for you.

This 100% Organic Paddy Wild Rice is kept dark and has a cook time of about 45-60 minutes

Package includes 3 - 16oz bags for a total weight of 3 LBS of 100% Organic Minnesota Paddy Wild Rice

(Per 3LB)
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Wood Parched Wild Rice - CANOE
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Wood Parched Wild Rice - CANOE
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Wood Parched Wild Rice - Using a wood fired Parcher we have allowed the wild rice to take on an additional flavor blend.

The higher heat and smoke entering the drum lowers the moisture content of the grain making a distinguished product from other types of wild rice.

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