Tuber melanosporum is known around the world as the culinary diamond of the kitchen. Also referred to as the black winter truffle, or mostly commonly as the Perigord truffle, named after one of the regions in France where it is commonly collected. Perigord truffles are native to Europe but they are also successfully cultivated in other parts of the globe, such as Australia, and here in the Pacific Northwest!

These truffles hail from the Southern Hemisphere, where it is currently winter. These truffles are grown on small family farms and a Co-Op located in the Manjimup area of Western Australia. When you purchase from us you're supporting small farmers and a Cooperative in Western Australia.

Aroma profile

Think earthy with aromas that bring to mind damp forests, with hints of molasses, chocolate and tobacco.


Perigord truffles have a dark outer skin with large, diamond-shaped pyramids, and a marbled chocolate or deep slate grey-colored interior when ripe.

They are served raw on warm dishes, but also can be heated (slightly) to release a more robust flavor and aroma, and are ideal for infusions.

We recommend this product is consumed as soon as possible, within 1 week. If stored properly they can have a longer shelf life, but aromatics decrease with time.

All Perigord truffles are listed at Market Price and are delivered weekly from the farms in Oz. In order to ensure we can fulfill your order, please order at least a week in advance of when you'd like the truffles. We do occasionally have extra truffle on hand, but more notice is better.

*All of our truffles are harvested by dog & handler location teams and sourced from farms we work with and visit ourselves and have developed relationships with over the years.

You will receive a truffle care instruction guide with each purchase.

*These are listed as EXTRA CLASS WHOLE TRUFFLES. Wholesale pricing and other classes are available. Please contact us, or shoot us a message for other classes.

**FORAGED is currently having issues shipping at flat rate and selling this product (they are working on it) but it IS IN STOCK. Please email to place an order and reference Foraged.

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Truffle Dog Co specializes in the harvesting and sale of truffles! We focus on truffles species Native to North America (such as Oregon white and Oregon Black truffles) as well as work with small farmers in select locations (domestically in the US) and with our partner farms across Australia, Chile, and Europe. These are all small family-run operations, where we can trace sourcing every step along the way and even know which dog harvested what truffles! ALL of our truffles are located by using trained dogs and quality and sustainability are our core principles.

Our focus is on freshness (harvested to order), quality, transparency and traceability, and sustainability.

Founded in 2013, we not only harvest wild truffles in the US and on our Partner Farms growing European truffle species, but we also work with you to train your own dog to hunt truffles and take guests out on guided culinary truffle adventures during the season (Nov-April). We’re here to educate, provide quality products, and help you enjoy your truffle experience whether that is a deep conversation with friends over a truffle loaded pasta dish, walking through a truffle orchard with champagne in hand, experiencing the truffle hunt for yourself in the woods of the Pacific Northwest, or growing your bond with your dog training them to hunt for truffles, we’re happy to help and be a part of your truffle experience.

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