Our sap bush is located in the heart of the New York City watershed. This means our forest is protected and safely within the boundaries of the Forever Wild Catskill Mountains.

Maple syrup is one of nature's finest sweeteners and this Bourbon Barrel aged Maple Syrup is nothing short of divine. Add it to yogurt, pancakes, and even add to your bacon or meats as a glaze. Wood-fired and aged 6 months in a bourbon barrel, the bourbon flavor is strong but enjoyable with the sweetness of maple close behind it. A friend and family favorite.

Red Kill Mountain Homestead Farms is based in Delaware County, New York. We are proud to be the purveyors of two indigenous sweeteners; maple syrup and our Apple Molasses product. Homestead farmers had to preserve their harvests for the winter months. Maple syrup is so special because it is made at the end of winter, the beginning of spring. It represents a time of transition, a time of great change in the forest.

We hope you enjoy this homestead staple as much as we do!

8oz volume per jar with 10oz by weight of content.

Bourbon Barrel Maple Syrup - 10oz

New York, US
Red Kill Mountain Homestead Farms
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Red Kill Mountain Homestead Farms is a collection of abandoned homestead farms located deep within the heart of the New York City Watershed. Our traditional homestead products are harvested and preserved from what is already in balance with nature. Our inspiration is drawn from the purity of the landscape, the people and history of Delaware County, NY.

We are foragers of wild fruit. We are stewards of the land. We are the first and only known merchant of wild apples as edible, fresh eating apples. We are the makers of thoughtful food products that preserve our heritage and history.