Handmade by Buoyant's top chocolatiers, our Calm by Nature "Mushrooms with Benefits" chocolate bars are crafted with our top-of-the-line premium chocolates with our special blend of Reishi (stress) and Chaga (relaxation) mushrooms delivering a functional and delicious dessert that can be enjoyed at any time of day.

Both Calm by Nature bars also feature a mix of honey and passionflower extract which further contributes to the calming effect of this special treat.

Whether eaten as an after dinner treat or mixed into your morning granola, we're confident you'll enjoy all the benefits to be derived from our Calm by Nature mushroom chocolate bars.

See our backside product labels to learn more about Mushrooms with Benefits!

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Cleveland, Ohio-based Buoyant Brands Inc. dba Buoyant Chocolates & Confections, and Buoyant Superfoods is a focused health + wellness + happiness company. At the heart of every Buoyant product is a painstaking, but affectionate, focus on bold, in-your-face flavors – flavors that reward your palette with genuine memorable experiences. There are no subtle nuances in what we craft in our kitchens. We use only the best ingredients – premium chocolate imported from Europe, herbs, spices, tree nuts and peanuts sourced from around the world, vanilla from Madagascar, cream and butter from regional dairies, and flavorings, juices, and pastry ingredients from domestic and European manufacturers. Our products are elegant in appearance and are categorized into two distinct premium product lines – Guilty Pleasures and Superfoods.
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