50g Dried Mullein Tea

Mullein has been long used as an effective medicinal tea. It has great properties that aid in managing respiratory illnesses including asthma, sore throat, coughs and much more! It is a natural decongestant and has a pleasant flavor that you will love.

Our mullein is sustainably sourced from areas free of pollution, pesticides and other chemicals. It is packaged in sealed, resealable bags with a 10g desiccant for maximum product freshness.

**50g of dried mullein will yield approximately 20 cups of tea on average. Total brewing potential is 100% based on how strong you make your tea. We recommend using 2g of mullein**

To make mullein tea: Bring 2 cups of water to a boil. Place 2g of mullein tea into the water (we recommend using reusable tea bags for easiest use - if not you can just place tea into pot directly and strain afterward). Boil for 15 minutes and then add your favorite tea sweetener before enjoying!

*Product is good for 1 year after opening package*

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