Foxglove flowers. Dry foxglove Dry flowers. Foxglove dried leaves. Digitalis purpurea 'Camelot Lavender
The Common Foxglove plant is a beautiful bi-annual often seen in woodland gardens or the quant cottage cabin up the hill. Both Yellow Spear foxglove and Camelot Lavender can be found throughout all our woodland moss-covered gardens. A few other names for these garden gems are; Common Foxglove, Lady Gloves, Fairy Gloves, and Goblin Gloves No additives or coloring are ever added to either the flower or leaves.
HARVEST Time: June - July.
Flowers; 15 ct., 20 ct, 25ct. (packaged in a round see-through lid canister as pictured).
Leaves...... 4 grams, 6grams, 10grams
PRODUCT DETAILS: Foxglove (digitalis) flower Dry PROCESS: Mature open flowers are collected each morning before the heat of the day sets.  Flowers are laid flat to dry in a temperature-controlled environment which only takes less than 1-2 weeks. Foxglove (digitalis) leaves: Leaves from seedlings are valueless and are not collected. Leaves are collected from the 2-year-old plants picked when the bloom spike has run up about 2/3rds of the flowers when expanded, before the riping of the seeds, when the leaves are most active. Selected are the only good-conditioned green and perfect leaves. Insect-eaten or diseased, or tinged with purple or otherwise discolored leaves remain on the plant.
Dry PROCESS: Leaves are laid flat to dry in a temperature-controlled environment which only takes less than 2-3 weeks.
Dried Foxglove Digitials
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