Ingredients: 100% freeze-dried sage

Our herbs are grown organically on our small scale family farm. Every leaf is hand picked and arranged by us. We do not use any additives, preservatives, pesticide or chemical in the product nor process.

Now, about freeze-drying. We snapfreeze everything as soon as we can, this locks in nutrients, aroma and flavour, but also preserves the shape and colour best. The herbs are then transferred to a freeze-dryer where they will sit quite a while, up to a few days. The freeze-dryer applies enormous vacuum which enables the drying process to happen without high temperatures. First we “heat” to a few C° and we finish at max 30C°. Astronauts who go to space eat freeze-dried food, and now you do too if you buy a jar 🙂

The leaves can be used as garnish or just cook with them as usual. They can be used for sweet and savoury dishes, syrups, jams, pesto, the list goes long….

The product should be stored airtight at room temperature; keeping it in the dark best. It is safe to eat it technically forever, however they are best consumed by 6 months.

Indulge in the captivating aroma and earthy flavor of our Freeze-Dried Sage, a culinary treasure handpicked from the finest sage plants. We take great care in preserving its essence through the freeze-drying process, ensuring you get the true taste of this remarkable herb.

Sage has been revered for centuries as a culinary and medicinal herb, and our freeze-dried version honors this legacy. With its versatile profile, our sage complements a wide range of dishes, adding a delightful depth of flavor to your recipes.

Harvested from reputable sources, our Freeze-Dried Sage embodies our commitment to quality. As you sprinkle this herb onto your dishes, you’ll savor the authentic taste and aromatic experience that only sage can provide.

Elevate your culinary creations with the convenience of having premium sage available all year round. Our freeze-dried version retains its vibrant color and essential oils, guaranteeing a delightful burst of flavor in every use.

Whether you’re roasting meats, sautéing vegetables, or crafting savory sauces, our Freeze-Dried Sage will elevate your dishes to new culinary heights. Its robust and earthy notes are perfect for adding depth and complexity to your favorite recipes.
Discover the secrets to exceptional cooking with our exceptional Freeze-Dried Sage. Unlock the full potential of your dishes and savor the richness of this revered herb in every bite.

Take your cooking to the next level with our exquisite Freeze-Dried Sage. Embrace the enchanting taste and delightful aroma that this herb imparts to your dishes, and let your culinary creativity flourish.

With our premium Freeze-Dried Sage, you have the key to elevate your dishes from ordinary to extraordinary. Embrace the authentic flavor of this timeless herb and infuse your cooking with a touch of culinary magic.

Unleash your inner chef with our flavorful Freeze-Dried Sage. Transform your everyday meals into gourmet masterpieces and experience the joy of cooking with this versatile and beloved herb.

Savor the essence of culinary excellence with our Freeze-Dried Sage. Let the distinct flavor and aroma of sage bring a touch of sophistication to your cooking, turning every dish into a culinary masterpiece.

Freeze-dried sage - Grown, handpicked and freeze-dried by us. Herbal medicinal plant excellent for colds, flu and tastes great. Try sage strawberry daiquiri!

(Per 200mL)
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We are a family business who forages and freezedries herbs and leaves in the Mediterranean region of Slovenia and Italy. Our favourites are wild rose, robinia, elderflower and bay leaves. Totally wiiiilldd!!

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