The different types  of morels vary through the season, they are known as morchella elata,grey morels, blonde and black morels, fire morels, morelles, spongemushroom and pinecone mushroom. These are not morchella esculenta or morchella deliciousa. Please be aware, as the weather gets warmer, the morels will be dry, but when you rinse them before you use them, they will regain their weight. Mushrooms consist of a lot of water, so they do dry out some.

You may find critters in your mushrooms, just soak them in warm salt water right before you need them for 20 minutes to get them out. This is normal for morels since they are natural (no pesticides) 

Be aware that some of your morels will break in transit due the fact that they are fragile. We do our best to prevent this, but unfortunately we cannot completely prevent it.

Fresh Wild Blonde Morel Mushrooms

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Oregon Mushrooms has been sharing our passion for mushrooms with others via the Internet since our first eBay sale back in 1999. We started out smaller with a focus on high quality dried morel mushrooms but soon customers began asking after the availability of other types of mushrooms. As a result of this kind of demand, we've since expanded our high-quality inventory to offer a variety of dried and fresh seasonal and cultivated mushrooms as well as unique mushroom-related specialty and gift items, such as black truffle oil and white truffle oil and truffle butter and truffle sea salt. All of our products are GMO Free! We do not believe in selling anything that is genetically modified.