Please be aware that no matter what we do, your mushrooms may break in transit due to them being so fragile. The caps and stems may break away from each other. Our chefs also love our frozen porcini!  Try them, they are great. The domestic porcini has a very mild, nutty flavor. Porcini come into season in the Pacific Northwest for 2 different seasons, we get spring porcini and fall porcini. They are great in sauces, by themselves with some olive oil and sea salt. There are many ways to eat them. Both seasons are unpredictable as far as when they stop growing, without any notice, they just end. Porcini is limited!

The pad will probably change color by the time you receive your porcini, it may be green, white, yellow or brownish. This does not mean that the mushrooms are bad. The mushrooms also may be a bit moist, this is also normal. Also, just like an apple, once they are cut, the outside will change color, so once you shave the outside layer off,  they will look better. We have to slice them in half to check for pests. They taste just as good sliced as they do whole, however, by slicing them in half, it reduces the possibility of pests being in them. It is not a 100% guarantee that they will be pest free, if you find anything, just slice them and soak them in salt water for 10 minutes or so. Drain them and pat them to remove some of the liquid that has been absorbed.  They are wild harvested, they are not certified organic, but they are organic.

The latin name is Boletus Pinophilus.

Fresh Domestic Porcini Mushrooms

Oregon, US
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