10 Pounds Maine Wild Fiddleheads

Let us share with you probably the most exciting foraged good here in Maine (on the opinion of many locals): the Fiddlehead.

In Maine, we wait 11 months of the year for these gems to start popping from the gem. They are locally a favorite food and a sign that spring is officially in full swing. The window for them is rather short (just a couple of weeks) but while they are growing, you can find people selling them on the side of the road all over! We have a secret crop of them that grows much larger than most allowing us to get top dollar while selling out every year.

Fiddleheads are great pickled, grilled, fried, or as we in Maine mostly do it, boiled and served with some butter and salt on top! Also great dipped in a little balsamic vinegar.

Do know, that there are fiddleheads offered in other parts of the country and while they may look a little more colorful (some have purple in them like asparagus!) they are nowhere near as flavorful as the northeast fiddleheads. It is also important to make sure that you are getting them from a reliable source as there are many look-alikes that you do not want to be consuming. Pure green, plump, tender and delicious! Don't miss out on these or you'll have to wait another year to get them!


1. Our fiddleheads will be shipped uncleaned. This is not to say that they aren't "clean" but more to say that they still have the "wrapper" on them. This allows for the freshest product possible for our customers through shipping. To clean, simply rinse under cold running water and brush off the "wrappers" with your thumb. (A little trick - soak them in cold water for an hour before and the wrappers will slide right off under running water).

2. Do not eat undercooked or raw fiddleheads. Consuming raw fiddleheads can make you sick. It won't necessarily kill you, but it WILL make for a rough day. 

3. We sell out every year. It is important that if you want to try some fiddleheads or you are a fiddlehead lover, you get them while they are in stock! 

4. All fiddleheads are shipped in coolers with proper temperature control to ensure you get the best product possible!

Fresh Maine Fiddleheads - 10 lb - FREE SHIPPING!

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