Your roots will vary in size. Some are an ounce, some are 2 ounces or larger or a bit smaller. Sometimes we have to cut the root into pieces because sometimes our supplier sends us huge roots. 

Wasabi is not just for sushi or sashimi. Wasabi is great with steak, oysters, in white sauces (aioli, crème fresh), mashed potatoes, salad dressings and cold noodle dishes. (And its killer in Bloody Mary's.)

Most “wasabi” commonly served is likely just horseradish and green food dye.  It’s possible that you’ve never tasted fresh wasabi! 

Fresh wasabi is used as a flavor enhancer such as salt and butter. It has a vegetable flavor similar to asparagus or artichoke hearts as well as heat to make flavors really pop.  

Fresh, real wasabi rhizomes, leaves and stems are harvested and available year-round, fresh from the farm.

Our wasabi tastes clean because it is grown in pristine coastal mountain stream water and not soil like some imported wasabi. Our wasabi is not processed such as freeze-dried, grated or containing any additives.  

We sell the vegetable, not the powder or paste. Its heat and flavor are not diminished in this latent state.

Genuine Farmed Wasabi root from the USA

Fresh, real wasabi root has a deep vegetal flavor similar to asparagus and artichoke hearts, which is why it pairs so well with so many foods including steak, oysters, noodles, potatoes, Matsutake and of course, fish.

So that your wasabi is extremely fresh, and it will last for 2 weeks in your refrigerator, sometimes you will need to wait a week after you order to get your wasabi root since they are only harvested 1 x a week, so if you order on a Friday, it may be the following Thursday before we can ship it. If you need it immediately, please call us or email us and see if it is available immediately.

Wrap wasabi in a moist paper towel and keep it moist and change it every other day.

Do not grate your wasabi until immediately before use. It will lose its flavor after a 1/2 hour after grated. This does not affect the root itself, only the grated wasabi.

If you see any of the root turning brown or black, trim that off and throw it away. It will not hurt the rest of the root.

Fresh Wasabi Root

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