Fresh, wild porcini mushrooms from Washington and Oregon, commonly called King Boletes, Spring Kings, and Boletus rex-veris. They are meaty and plump in texture, and prized by chefs for their rich umami flavor. 

Store in a paper bag in the fridge for up to 10 days.

We ship all orders once a week, immediately after receiving product from our foragers. We do not stock perishables, instead we forage to order, ensuring you get the absolute freshest product possible. If ordering for an event or specific date, message us and we can work with you. 

Fresh Wild Porcini (PNW)

California, US
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At Seminalia we specialize in American truffles and wild foraged goods. Co-founders Vincent and Camille have spent the past decade in three Michelin starred restaurants and James Beard winning kitchens and dining rooms growing a deep love and knowledge of truffles unique ingredients and the story of the foragers and farmers who pull them from the earth. But we’re not resting on our laurels to run a company. We started a company to be the catalyst for an industry. We firmly believe that domestic American truffles truly rival their European counterparts.

We have the opportunity to bring American truffles to center stage and want to share them with the world. Seminalia is dedicated to bringing truffles sourced from truffiere orchards and wild forest lands across the United States to restaurants across the country. Our company is rigorously driven by an environmental focus and commitment to sustainability and sees this as a moral responsibility to our earth and the next generation.