Our native Spicebush(Lindera benzoin) is one of those plants that is always surprising us with it's use as a food and spice.

Having your own Spicebush from our forest nursery delivered to you will provide you in the spring with young leaves that may be added directly into sautes and stir-fries. Spicebush also provides two different spices with completely different flavor profiles at different times of the year. The young green berries may be pickled as you would capers and make an excellent addition to a curry paste along with a few fresh leaves. Add  a handful of fresh leaves to your vegetable stocks to bring your soups to flavortown. In the fall when the berries are mature they take on a flavor similar to that of allspice which pairs very well with apples and wild cherries. 

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We acknowledge and respect that S.C Specialties is located on the indigenous land of the Lenape First Nation and recognize the peoples who have lived and continue to live on these lands. My name is Sergio and have been working in the restaurant kitchen world for over ten years, feel very passionate about what I grow and am very excited to showcase our high quality foods to arrive directly to your door. We are always exploring different ways to restore our forest ecosystem, build soil, and preserve water quality while producing food, medicine and materials. We are happy to answer any of your questions with full transparency about any of our sustainability farm practices for everything we grow and forage. If you are looking for something special that is not listed on our page please feel free to reach out. We would like to thank you for looking at our store and look forward to working with you.

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