Shipping costs have increased recently. As well as the usual increase during the holiday season 

You will receive 1 rooted plant,growers choice. Each has anywhere from 5+ leaves,currently growing fast. The plant pictured is the black dragon peduncle from the momma plant. Plants ship only on Monday or Tuesday in hopes that they don't get stuck sitting somewhere. Please do your research on how to care for hoyas. I pack my plants with care, heat pack is included in the winter months.

Please research how to care for your plant. is an excellent resource. Please provide the correct address, I cannot be held responsible for your plant going to the wrong address. Please track your order I cannot be held responsible for damage from the weather or being left in a mailbox. 

Hoya pubicalyx 'Black Dragon' is native to the Philippines, very easy to care for, relatively fast grower and blooms prolifically. When the weather is warm, the plant keeps on developing buds right after the old blooms fade away. Corollas are a deep purple, almost black matched with red coronas. The leaves are a gorgeous lime green.

Hoya pubicalyx Hawaiian purple is also a fast grower. This Hoya is often referred to as a chimera. When in the sun the leaves turn pink and red. It's flower colors range from a gorgeous pink to eye catching purple. It's stems have a purple hue as well.

Hoya Pubicalyx Black Dragon * Hawaiian Purple

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