You can transform any moment into tropical delight with this powerful superfood! Prized by chefs, foodies, and health nuts alike for its tropical 1-2 punch of intense tangy-sweet pulp and powerful antioxidant goodness.

Fresh hand-picked purple passion fruit grown organically in sunny San Diego, California. Before we ship, every fruit is examined to ensure it's high quality, fresh, and full of incredibly tangy + sweet pulp.

Our vines have been in production for 10+ years! We also grow many other exotic fruit: cherimoya, guava, dragon fruit, jujube, longan, kumquats, bananas, golden berries, and much much more!

Thank you for supporting our small local farm :) Please message any questions or issues, we're here to help!


About passion fruit and how to eat:

This unique and tasty superfood is nutrient dense, high in fiber, and combats cancer-causing free radicals. Cut open with a knife, scoop out the pulp, and enjoy! Avoid scraping out the inner white skin which is bitter.

Passion fruit is ripe when it has a slight give, is dark purple / red in color, and starts to wrinkle. The more wrinkly the skin the sweeter the pulp. It is *not* recommended to refrigerate passion fruit before it’s ripe. You can freeze ripe passion fruit / pulp for up to 3 months.

Perfect for juices, smoothies, dressings, desserts, and more.

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Good Hill Farms is a subtropical organic farm delivering farm-to-table exotic produce. We take pride in producing the highest quality tropical fruit and harvest fruit everyday from our farm in Fallbrook, CA. We serve Southern California direct and ship nationwide.

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