Silver Tundra was the first of our Tundra series where we combine top-grade premium and rare teas with wild foraged Alaskan and northern plants.

Each hand-filled cotton tea bag contains:

-Imperial Grade Silver Needle Tea

-Alaskan Labrador Leaves (Rhododendron Tomentosum)

-Grade A Madagascar Vanilla Bean

And nothing else whatsoever. It is:

-Soy Free

-Gluten Free

-Sugar Free

-Free of all Artificial or Natural Additives

-Vegan / Vegetarian

-GMO Free

Directions: We suggest steeping in 190 degree water for no more than 5 minutes, but that time limit is more about not over-steeping the labrador leaves more than anything else. It is widely known to possibly cause some discomfort like headache, nausea, GI problems, and deliriousness if over-consumed / over-steeped. Though this is not exactly a common occurrence, it absolutely a very real possibility. Many people report steeping as much as a whole tablespoon without ill effect. Overall, we wouldn’t recommend drinking labrador tea every day for a whole year at a time or anything like that. To learn more about the benefits, usage, and scientific research about labrador tea, check out our research blog.

Contrary to popular belief, there is actually plenty of caffeine in both silver needle and white teas. Don’t assume this is a low caffeine cup. Ultimately, only a lab test can tell you the actual amount which varies between types of tea, regions, harvest years, and many other factors.

Tea is like wine or even cannabis. There are so many different varieties, sub-varieties, hybrids, regions, slightly different processing styles, different elevations, it goes on and on.

Typically, a fine silver needle is sweet tasting like summer hay, with a thick liquor (that’s the brew that you drink) that leaves a pleasant mouth feel. The “needles” are the new leaf-buds as they first sprout on the tea plant and can only be picked a few times a year. They are famous for being very minimally processed compared to other teas like black and green tea. Some people even refer to it as the “champagne of tea” and I wouldn’t disagree with that description.

The evergreen, “Tundra Christmas Musk” flavor of labrador tea pairs ridiculously well with the sweet summer hay of silver needle and the thick vanilla bean background.

There is no other blend like this on planet Earth.

Also check out Green Tundra and Purple Tundra if you want to check out our other Tundra blends.

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