Fomitopsis betulina, aka Birch Polypore, has long been used as a highly medicinal mushroom that packs a major punch. A little goes a long way! Among other things, it is well known for being an immune system booster as well as helping support gut health.

To use, a small amount of dried polypore is steeped in hot water for an extended period of time. Please note, this tea is quite bitter and a sweetener of your choice is highly recommended. It also goes great with Chaga making a fantastic tea with so much medicinal benefit!

Our Birch Polypore is harvested while still young and tender. This ensures that you get the highest quality mushrooms possible avoiding any damage or rot while maximizing the medicinal potential. Once harvested, the mushrooms are promptly sliced and dried before being packaged along with a desiccant in a closed, resealable bag for maximum freshness! Once opened, these mushrooms can be kept up to a year as long as the bag is kept closed when not in use.

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Welcome to Wild Maine Mushrooms! We have been in business since 2020, bringing natural Maine treasures to your door. From Chaga to wild edible mushrooms to fiddleheads in the late spring, we do it all!

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