Premium Dried Turkey Tail Mushrooms - Triametes Versicolor - 2 oz

Known to be one of the major powerhouses when it comes to medicinal mushrooms, Turkey Tail is most often used to make a tea. It can also be ground and ingested whole in small amounts of powder as a daily supplement or can be used to make an amazing, soothing mushroom broth!

Unlike a lot of other providers, our Turkey Tail is harvested fresh! What does that mean? As evidenced by the bright white undersides and beautiful tops (see photos), our Turkey Tail is harvested when the mushrooms are still well alive and vibrant. No harvesting of mushrooms that are too old - we want you to have the best quality possible! To do this, we make sure to only harvest the best specimens in the right part of the growing window.

Once harvested, these mushrooms are promptly trimmed of any bark, debris, or bad portions. They are then washed/cleaned and professionally dehydrated before being packaged in a sealed, re-closable package along with a desiccant to ensure maximum freshness!

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Welcome to Wild Maine Mushrooms! We have been in business since 2020, bringing natural Maine treasures to your door. From Chaga to wild edible mushrooms to fiddleheads in the late spring, we do it all!

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