3 oz Pinyon Pine Needles. Bundle of fresh plant.

Brew and serve hot or cold to enjoy the benefits of this refreshing and invigorating tea. Or use in balms, salves, candles, & tinctures.

Wild foraged on the Pacific Crest Trail in Walker Pass, Ca

Indians chewed and swallowed the needles of the Pinyon Pine Tree as medicine for the cure of syphilis.

Used frequently as a tea made of the twigs & needles.

Native American tribes would eat the inner bark of the Pine as a food source when all other food was scarce. The Iroquois would use the resin from this plant, while mixing it with beeswax, to seal their canoes. Other Native Americans would boil the bark and then apply the liquid to wounds.

Directions for Tea:

Chop the needles lightly, and put into a sieve. Pour boiling water over them, or boil them in water and strain. Let steep for at least 51 10 minutes, covered.

More Uses:

Make a salve with olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax, & Pine needles. Pine salve helps treat dry skin, sores, skin infections, minor cuts, sunburns, insect bites and a variety of other skin conditions. The scent of the cream is said to have healing powers as well. The cream can be used for massaging cream for relaxation or a rub for aching and sore muscles.

Always be mindful of possible allergies and do your own research

Consult your doctor with concerns.

Not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

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