Dried Skunk Cabbage root ( Symplocarpus foetidus or eastern skunk cabbage ) Skunk weed, swamp cabbage

Harvest Date: April. The skunk cabbage is a flowering perennial plant and is one of the first plants to emerge in the spring.

Location: West Michigan, USA

Harvest time is April for young unfurled tender leaves. Hand collected straight from the patch that grows in the wet mucky soil along the stream. We harvest skunk cabbage only the unfurled leaves (not flowering structures) that are no more than 8" high. Once the leaves open, the leaves are past their prime


After harvesting, the leaves are rinsed off any mucky soil and then placed upon drying racks to dry naturally in a well-ventilated environment. Because the leaves have high water content the drying process can take a few weeks. As the leaves dry a sweet scent takes over indicating the process is near complete. 

Dry Leaves
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Established in 2010, Northern Garden Gems is a woodland garden boutique shop located in West Michigan. We grow & harvest herbs such as Skunk Cabbage, Sassafras, Datura, Daisy, Foxglove and more.

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