Taste A “Tropical Rainbow” Of Delicious Exotic Fruit
Take A Journey Through Our Best Fruit 🌞 🌈

🏝️ Uniquely delicious – Incredible selection of farm-fresh exotic fruit delivered right to your door. From tangy-sour to earthy-sweet, our seasonal variety box is sure to delight and surprise!

💪 Nutrient powerhouse – Sun ripened seasonal fruits are Nature's supplements! Enjoy Mother Nature's bounty as intended, and benefit from a wide range of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and more to help you feel amazing and live your best life.

😋 Culinary delight – Create jaw-dropping “masterpiece” meals, smoothies, and desserts with these irresistible tropical delights – explore new fruits you’ve never had before. Treat yourself and go on a fruit adventure!

Our 'Fall's Best' Variety Box includes a diverse mix of seasonal exotic fruit. You will discover fruits such as:

Mangosteen – Juicy, soft white segments with a unique super-sweet and slightly tangy flavor.

Longan – Sweet, subtly musky notes, with a mellow exotic flavor of citrus and melon. Bright juicy flesh around a hard black seed.

Dragon Fruit – A 'super food' favorite, perfectly blending sweet + earthy flavors like pear and kiwi. When you think of “exotic tropical fruit” – this is it!

Persimmon – Tantalizing textures from crunchy to custard-like. Sweet and lightly astringent. Incredible unique fruit. A must-try for any fruit lover.

Passion Fruit – A tart, tangy fruit with a unique, jelly-like pulp inside. A chef's favorite for its strong and versatile flavor profile.

Jujube – Apple's mild cousin which transforms into a sweet chewy 'date' as it ripens. Nothing else quite like a jujube.

Guava – Classic exotic fruit that everyone loves. Intensely aromatic and comes in all shapes, colors, and flavors. Perfect for snacking or cooking with.

Pomelo – Unique asian citrus with large 'crunchy' sections that can be snacked on without making a mess! A unique relative to grapefruit. Sweeter and subtler flavor.

Caviar Lime – Nothing quite like citrus in the fruit kingdom. Inside each lime are many tiny citrus 'beads' that explode on the tongue like pop rocks!

Starfruit – Interesting fruit and beautifully 'star' shaped. Its mild taste and unique shape make it a perfect addition to any fruit salad. It browns along its edges as it ripens.

Mango – Another classic exotic fruit, beloved by many for good reason! Powerfully sweet taste and smell with a juicy creamy texture. Just YUM.

Sugar Cane – Whole raw cane, perfect for juicing or snacking on. A staple in many households and exploding in popularity as a true natural and healthy sugar

Note: Variety Box contents may vary as Mother Nature's fruit can ripen at different times. If there is a specific fruit you would love to receive please let us know in a order note :)
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Good Hill Farms is a subtropical organic farm delivering farm-to-table exotic produce. We take pride in producing the highest quality tropical fruit and harvest fruit everyday from our farm in Fallbrook, CA. We serve Southern California direct and ship nationwide.

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