Ramps ($35/lb or $30/lb for orders of 20+ lbs) are a native plant to the Appalachian mountains. They are perennial spring ephemerals of the allium family with a flavor like a cross between garlic and leek. Once under-appreciated, they are becoming more and more popular, with good and bad consequences. 

Ramps are on the United Plant Savers list of threatened plants, due to over-harvesting. Historically/ Traditionally the bulbs have been prized, unfortunately, it takes up to 1.5 yr for a seed to germinate and then 7 years before the plant flowers. This means it can take up to almost 9 years before it can reproduce. 

When the bulbs are harvested, the largest bulbs are taken and those are the ones most likely to be reproducing adults. So after a period of years of taking bulbs, there is a reduction in the plants that are able to set seed. This is leading to a potential crash in the ramp population. 

Burgeoning Farms only collects ramp leaves, so the bulb stays in the ground and can grow again next year. This also leaves the soil intact so that all of the baby ramps around the adults in the nursery can still grow and actually are get more light with the leaf canopy gone. Burgeoning Farms also collects seed from wild patches to seed new wild populations on clean protected land, and relocate via transplant, patches threatened by encroachment of human development. ($35/lb or $30/lb for orders of 20+ lbs)

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