Wild Alaskan Rose Hip Syrup, with Wild Alaskan Wormwood (Artemisia Tilesii), and Alaskan Fireweed Honey.

Zero Artificial Flavors - Zero Artificial Sugars - Soy Free - Gluten Free - GMO Free - Zero Artificial Colors

This herbal syrup contains:

Alaskan Stinkweed - Artemisia Tilesii

Sweet Wormwood - Artemisia Annua

Wild Alaskan Rose Hips

Alaskan Fireweed Honey

It has a DELICIOUS and unique taste, due to the famous vitamin-c tang of rose hips and because of the ingredients it offers a range of tangible health supporting qualities.

This syrup was designed for:

Colds and flu.

Pains and aches (especially those due to arthritis).

People will have up to an ounce, sometimes two, in a little cup or off the spoon, while other people add this to their tea or even put it on food.

Please refrigerate your bottle as soon as you can, as this will greatly extend the shelf-life.

If you want to read more about stinkweed, please check out our article on the research blog: https://www.tundratonics.com/researchblog/stinkweed-a-not-very-stinky-at-all-species-of-wormwood

The above information is for informational purposes only, we are not giving anyone medical advice. This product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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