Wild harvested Alaskan yarrow tincture. Double extracted, and harvested ethically approximately 100 miles south of the Arctic Circle. 

This tincture is:

-Wild Harvested


-GMO Free

-Free of Any & All Additives (including "natural" flavors)

-Sugar Free

-Dairy Free

-Soy Free

-Gluten Free

We can't ship free internationally at this time, but U.S.A. customers will receive free shipping.

We'll be posting more information about the plant, it's properties, uses, benefits, research, asap. For now, please do your own research and feel free to ask us a question, thank you!

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Blue lotus flower, wild foraged plants and mushrooms from 100 miles south of the Arctic Circle, Amanita Muscaria Mushroom, Lucid Dreaming Herbal Blends, Herbal Smoking Blends, and more.

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