Wild Comfrey Balm: Available in 1 ounce tins or 2 ounce tins

Wild comfrey is known for having amazing healing properties that aid in reducing inflammation. It is known to help improve bruises, strains, sprains, arthritic inflammation, and new cell growth when used topically. This balm was formulated using wild foraged comfrey from our personal property. The comfrey is infused in grapeseed oil and includes beeswax along with Cypress essential oil. Cypress is known to help improve circulation complimenting the healing properties of comfrey.

Ingredients: Wild Comfrey, Grapeseed Oil, Cypress Essential Oil, Beeswax

I am not a medical professional; please consult with a medical provider if any medical questions.
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Welcome to B’s Craft Nook! We have been slowly branching out over the last year and are excited to bring you freshly harvested goods from the Southern Georgia and Alabama region. From Turkey tail and Reishi to a variety of wild edible mushrooms, we plan to bring it all to you as we forage it sustainably!

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