Wild Oyster Mushrooms are a delicacy, offering a unique taste and texture unlike other varieties. These wild mushrooms are incredibly versatile, perfect for roasting, sautéing, or adding to soups and salads.

It is used in traditional medicine to treat high cholesterol, infections, diabetes, and cancer. Lab experiments suggest cholesterol-lowering, anti-fungal, and anti-tumor properties.

Available by request from Spring to Fall. Get them while you can!

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Silverbrook Manor is a historic Hudson Valley farm estate that embodies a sustainable and forward-thinking approach to agriculture. With a focus on regenerative farming, plant medicine, and biodiversity, our farm offers a diverse range of products such fresh eggs, specialty mushrooms, edible flowers, wildcrafted teas, microgreens, and more. Education and innovation are at the forefront of our values, as we strive to revitalize traditional farming methods while exploring new opportunities for the next generation of farmers.

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