Inspired by the past! We found these old jars of Balanced Apple Spread in our 1800’s era barn. These jars were most likely from the 1970’s, when the farmer was still stewarding the land. We lovingly recreated this product to honor the farmer and his family that came before us.

We hand-select and hand-harvest our wild apples and process them in small and slow batches. Because our apples have never been sprayed or manipulated by man, we proudly leave the skins on our apples. The Apple Spread is hand-blended with our Apple Molasses, bringing the flavor to the next level.  Apple Molasses is listed as an endangered food by Slow Food Ark of Taste. We are proud to be one of only three makers of this product. 

Our Apple Spread has many uses! Use Apple Spread in baked goods, paired with meats, and it is especially great in apple pies and crisps.

Red Kill Mountain Homestead Farms is based in the heart of the Catskill Mountains in Delaware County, New York. Wild apple trees abound in this area, and we happen to be the stewards of a private apple forest. All of our products are handmade from our own wild apples in our farm kitchen which is 20c approved.

We hope you enjoy this homestead product as much as we do!

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Red Kill Mountain Homestead Farms is a collection of abandoned homestead farms located deep within the heart of the New York City Watershed. Our traditional homestead products are harvested and preserved from what is already in balance with nature. Our inspiration is drawn from the purity of the landscape, the people and history of Delaware County, NY.

We are foragers of wild fruit. We are stewards of the land. We are the first and only known merchant of wild apples as edible, fresh eating apples. We are the makers of thoughtful food products that preserve our heritage and history.

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