🌼 Introducing our delightful Flower Granola, a mouthwatering German muesli-style breakfast with a unique twist that sets it apart from the rest! πŸ‡πŸŒ°πŸ« Not only do we include delicious fruits, nuts, and chocochips, but we also add 3 types of homegrown organic medicinal flowers: 🌹🌼🌼 roses, calendula, and cornflowers.

🌞 Elevate your mornings with a burst of natural goodness and the exquisite flavors of these carefully selected flowers, known for their beneficial properties and captivating aromas. 🌺 Our Flower Granola is a celebration of taste and health, crafted with love and passion to bring you a delightful start to your day.

🌸 Indulge in a breakfast experience like no other, where each spoonful combines the goodness of traditional muesli with the enchanting essence of roses, the calming touch of calendula, and the gentle allure of cornflowers. πŸ₯° This exceptional granola is a true testament to our commitment to offering you only the finest, freshest, and most wholesome ingredients.

πŸ’« Savor the unique combination of flavors, textures, and nourishing benefits in every bite. With our Flower Granola, mornings will become a delightful ritual, where you can appreciate the wonders of nature in every mouthful. 🌿 Embrace this special twist and embark on a journey of wholesome goodness and natural indulgence.

🌟 Delight in the harmony of taste and well-being that our Flower Granola provides. Treat yourself to a breakfast experience that brings together the finest ingredients, the freshest flowers, and the essence of our commitment to creating products that nourish your body and soul. 🌈 Make your mornings extraordinary with our Flower Granola and embrace the beauty of nature's gifts. 🌺

Flower granola | Delicious german muesli style morning breakfast with a special twist: not only fruits, nuts and chocochips but 3 types of homegrown organic medicinal flowers are added as well: roses, calendula and cornflowers

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Edible Flowers from Europe
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We are a family business who forages and freezedries herbs and leaves in the Mediterranean region of Slovenia and Italy. Our favourites are wild rose, robinia, elderflower and bay leaves. Totally wiiiilldd!!

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