Fresh wild asparagus from Oregon is much better than what you get in the grocery store, the ones you get in the grocery store can be genetically modified, they grow in other countries, they are not very fresh, since they come from other countries. You don't know when they were harvested, what conditions they grow in.  Our asparagus comes from the wild in Oregon, they have a much better flavor. They are not as firm as the ones in the grocery store though. We know you will enjoy our asparagus! Wild asparagus varies greatly in diameter, some are about the size around as a pencil, or a little smaller. The flavor is way better than the ones you buy in the grocery store. 

When you get your asparagus, cut off the bottom ends of the asparagus and put in water, this makes them stay fresh longer. You store them like you would flowers, make sure to refrigerate them.

Fresh Wild Asparagus

Oregon, US
Oregon Mushrooms
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