You found it, the prettiest bundle on the block. This rainbow box is for those who don't want to decide but do want to savor every flavor of our moreish veggies! In this wonder pack, you'll get 6 scrumptious packets of Confetti wonders. Keep them, share them, or gift them to someone who needs a little color in their pantry and little flavor in their life!

Nutritional information:
- Real veggies.
- Nutrient dense.
- High fiber.
- 100% Vegan.
- Gluten Free.
- Non GMO.
- Uncycled.

One Lion City, four flavors. It's basically a summer party for your pantry. This tropical bundle gets you island ready with a mix of Summer Truffle, Green Curry, Teriyaki BBQ, Tandoori Curry and Black Truffle

Teriyaki BBQ Veggies x 1
Summer Truffle Veggies x 1
Tandoori Curry Veggies x 1
Green Curry Mushrooms x 2
Black Truffle Mushrooms x 1
(Per 15oz)
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Confetti Snacks
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Confetti Snacks
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Confetti Snacks are award-winning marvellous vegetable chips dressed in adventurous chef inspired world flavours to celebrate diversity and inclusion. The Michelin featured scrumptious plant based gourmet snacks are crafted from imperfect veggies and crop surpluses to reduce food waste, and celebrates colourful plants to feed the hungriest people in the world with a Robin Hood approach. Confetti has been awarded ‘Best Gourmet Snack of 2021’ by APAC Insiders, 5th Annual Singapore Business Awards, and ‘Tasty Singapore Brand Ambassador’. Confetti is 'Upcycled Certified' by the Upcycled Food Association, and has been featured on CBS news, Food and Wine Magazine and is 100% woman and minority owned.
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