Discover Sweet Lava, a bar of spicy chocolate like no other, infused with the rare and distinctive chile cobanero. This chili is known for its intense red color and mouth-watering spiciness, dates back to the ancient Maya civilization, and is a well-kept secret of Guatemalan gastronomy. Try Sweet Lava now and experience the explosion of flavors that will leave you wanting more!

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Carlos, the founder of Biarte, spent his childhood on a coffee farm nestled in the picturesque volcanoes of Atitlan, Guatemala. During his first trip to the United States, he packed some of the farm's products to take a piece home with him. After sharing the food with his friends, it was an instant hit and quickly gained popularity. As demand grew, each subsequent trip back home meant he had to bring more products to share. This experience sparked an idea in Carlos's mind. Founded in Austin, Texas, Biarte has deep roots connected to Guatemala. We take pride in our integrated and transparent product development and manufacturing approach. Our team meticulously selects only the highest quality ingredients to ensure exceptional products.

From the farm to the final product, we maintain complete control of the development process to guarantee the quality and integrity of our offerings. Our commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of our business, from the initial sourcing of ingredients to the final packing and shipment of products to our valued customers.

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