Chicken of the Woods Noodle Soup

An old home comfort favorite, or the perfect antidote to a head cold, this recipe replaces the traditional chicken with just as tasty Chicken of the Woods.
read time
2 minutes


Prep Time
30 minutes
Active Time
20 minutes
Total Time
50 minutes


Chicken Of The Woods Noodle Soup Ingredients
- 1 cup chicken of the woods
- 1 small yellow/white onion
- 2 ribs celery
- 2 medium carrots
- 3 small garlic cloves
- 1 tsp thyme
- 1 pinch salt
- 1 pinch black pepper
- 1 cup semolina flour
- 1/4 cup aquafaba
- 1 tbs olive oil
- 1 tsp salt


Step 1 - Prepare the dough

Add the flour, aquafaba, oil, and salt to a bowl and knead together. Some flours have more moisture than others, add an additional 1 tsp of olive oil if it is too crumbly. Once it is smooth let the dough rest for 30 minutes.

Step 2 - Roll the dough

Roll out your dough using a rolling pin.

Step 3 - Thin and strip the dough

Get the dough as thin as possible. Cut into strips, roll out again to make it even thinner. Either lay the strips on a flat surface or use a pasta rack.

Step 4 - Chop the vegetables

While your dough is resting begin to finely chop your onion, crush and chop your garlic, and roughly chop your carrots and celery.

Step 5 - Break Up The Chicken Of The Woods

Break up your Chicken of the Woods into bite-sized pieces.

Step 6 - Start boiling

Add a small amount of olive or coconut oil to cover the base of a stock pot on medium to high heat. Add all of your veggies, your chicken of the woods, thyme, salt, and pepper, and sauté for around four or five minutes until your onions are translucent and your mixture is fragrant.

Step 7 - Add noodles and serve

Pour in your vegetable broth, stir, and add your noodles . Cook over medium heat for 20 minutes . Garnish when serving with a sprinkle of fresh parsley or thyme

What is Chicken of the Woods?

Chicken of the Woods, Chicken Mushrooms, COWs – What is it? These common names refer to the species in the Laetiporus genus, and in North America, it’s usually one of these species: L. sulphuereus, L. cincinattus, or L. conifericola. They’re typically bright orange, and commonly distributed throughout North America and Europe.

What does Chicken of the Woods Taste Like?

Well, like chicken! This mushroom has a distinctly meaty-shreddy texture, and a savory flavor that toes the line between mushroom and poultry. Some species are more strongly flavored than others, and their flavor can be effected by region, substrate, humidity, and warmth. If button mushrooms aren’t your favorite flavor or texture – give COWs a shot! They’re a real crowd pleaser.

How Do I Cook Chicken of the Woods?

As with all wild mushrooms, it’s best to start with fresh, young, and sustainably harvested COWs. You’ll want to make sure they’re thoroughly cleaned and heated through to remove any pests and kill off any potential pathogens. In this recipe, we recommend steaming your mushrooms for 5 minutes before the frying process – but any method that cooks your mushrooms to 135 degrees meets standard safety requirements for cooking wild mushrooms.

To Note: Some people experience a sensitivity to COW mushrooms, and some experience a sensitivity when consuming alcohol at the same time as eating them. Always be cautious and conservative when trying new species for the first time.

Where can I buy Chicken of the Woods?

Great question – check out our marketplace where you can buy Chicken of the Woods directly from foragers and cultivators!

Read more here about Chicken of the Woods.

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