Holiday Blend Coffee Tiramisu

Add a twist to your holiday desserts with our gourmet tiramisu recipe, where traditional flavors meet the bold and festive notes of Foraged's Holiday Blend Coffee. This coffee tiramisu is not just a dessert; it's a celebration of the season's warmth and joy, perfect for gathering around the table with loved ones. Embark on a delightful culinary journey with this unique tiramisu coffee recipe, a testament to your sophisticated taste in desserts.
Holiday Recipe
read time
1 minutes


Prep Time
20 minutes
Active Time
10 minutes
Total Time
30 minutes
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Holiday Blend Coffee Tiramisu - Foraged
- 2 cups Foraged Holiday Blend Coffee, brewed and cooled
- 3 large eggs, separated
- 3/4 cup granulated sugar
- 1 cup mascarpone cheese
- 1 cup heavy cream
- 1 package ladyfingers (about 24)
- 2 tablespoons cocoa powder, for dusting
- Dark chocolate shavings, for garnish


Step 1 - Prepare Holiday Blend Coffee

Brew Foraged Holiday Blend Coffee and allow it to cool.

Step 2 - Whisk Egg Yolks

In a large bowl, whisk together egg yolks and sugar until thick and pale. Add mascarpone and mix until smooth.

Step 3 - Whip Cream

In a separate bowl, whip the heavy cream until stiff peaks form.

Step 4 - Combine Mixtures

Gently fold the whipped cream into the mascarpone mixture.

Step 5 - Beat Egg Whites

In another bowl, beat egg whites until stiff peaks form, then gently fold into the mascarpone and cream mixture.

Step 6 - Assemble Tiramisu

Dip ladyfingers into the coffee, lining them in a dish. Spread half of the mascarpone mixture over the ladyfingers. Repeat layers once more.

Step 7 - Chill

Refrigerate for at least 4 hours, preferably overnight.

Step 8 - Serve

Dust with cocoa powder and garnish with dark chocolate shavings before serving.

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