Drying Mushrooms, Making Powders and Salts

Dried mushrooms of most any variety are a great addition to your pantry, and are super easy to make using a dehydrator or home oven. Learn how to make your own mushroom salt at home!

This method will work on all mushroom types, the drying process will be shorter with thinner, smaller mushrooms like beech or smaller trumpets.

mushroom salt


How to Dry Mushrooms

First clean the mushrooms of all dirt and debris, then cut into evenly sized pieces no larger than 1/2” thick. Thinner slices will dry faster. Dry in a dehydrator according to directions or scatter on a baking sheet and place in a convection oven at 105 degrees or a regular oven at 130 degrees Fahrenheit for about 8-10 hours. Turn the pieces occasionally and leave in the oven until the mushrooms are completely dry and crispy.
Once cooled, the mushrooms can be stored in an airtight container at room temperature or in the refrigerator or freezer. Properly dried and stored mushrooms will keep for a year or more.
Rehydrate in tepid water for about twenty minutes. Drain and chop the mushrooms and add to soups or gravies. Larger mushrooms can be treated like fresh and sautéed.
Note: Use hot or simmering water/stock if you want to infuse even more flavor into the liquid. The strained soaking liquid will give a glorious burst of mushroom essence to stocks, sauces and stews.


How to Make Mushroom Powders

Dried mushrooms can be ground into a powder using a spice grinder. Mix with other seasonings to make a mushroom rub to coat steaks or roasts.
One tablespoon of powder equals 1/4 cup of fresh when using to flavor dishes.


How to Make Mushroom Salts

A sprinkle of mushroom salt adds a burst of umami flavor to vegetables, chicken, even eggs! To make mushroom salt, combine sea salt with ground mushrooms. A good ratio is about 1/4 cup ground mushrooms to 1 cup sea salt. Adding a little chili, garlic or onion powder will punch up the flavor even more.
Store in an airtight container.
Bowl of Mushroom Salt

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