Pawpaw Spice Cake

It’s not a pawpaw party without a pawpaw cake! This spice cake is an original recipe featured in The Joy of Pawpaw Cookbook
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Pawpaw Spice Cake Ingredients
- 1 cup butter
- 1 cup granulated sugar
- 3/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar
- 2 eggs
- 3 cups flour
- 1 tsp ground nutmeg
- 1 1/2 tsp baking soda
- 1 tsp salt
- 1/4 tsp ground cloves
- 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
- 2 tsp ground spicebush
- 3 cups pawpaw pulp
- 1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
- 1 tsp vanilla
- 1/2 cup sunflower seeds
- 3/4 cup chopped walnuts
- 1 cup raisins


Step 1 - Prep ingredients

1. Preheat oven to 350 F. 2. Grease on 13x9 inch pan or two 8-inch round cake pans. 3. In a large bowl, beat softened butter for 30 seconds with mixer. 4. Gradually add the sugars. 5. Mix for three minutes. 6. Add eggs and blend for a few more minutes until the mixture lightens in color.

Prep ingredients
Prep ingredients
Step 2 - Mix pawpaw cake batter

7. In a second large bowl, sift together flour, salt, baking soda, and spices. 8. In a third bowl, stir together the pawpaw pulp, lemon juice, and vanilla. 9. Alternate mixing the dry and wet ingredients into the butter mixture. [start and end with the dry ingredients]

Mix pawpaw cake batter
Mix pawpaw cake batter
Step 3 - Stir in nuts and fruit

10. Stir in the nuts and raisins. 11. Spread evenly into pan(s)

Stir in nuts and fruit
Stir in nuts and fruit
Step 4 - Bake and frost

12. Bake in round pans for 25 minutes, a rectangular pan for 40-45 minutes. 13. Frost with pawpaw cream cheese frosting

Bake and frost
Bake and frost


Pawpaws have their own unique flavor, but they’re a little bit mango, a little bit banana, and a little bit créme brulée! Pawaw’s tropical flavors make an ideal pairing for classic spice cakes. And speaking of spice – this recipe uses spicebush (Lindera benzoin) to achieve those wonderful warm flavors we love in the fall. Want to know more about pawpaws? Explore below!

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