An Essential Guide to Ramps Vegetable

Are you tired of the same old veggies at the grocery store? Foraged offers rare and specialty foods, such as ramps, to elevate your culinary experience. Ramps are a wild onion with a bold, garlic-like flavor that can elevate any dish. This unique vegetable is only available during a short season, making them a rare treat for those in the know. Reconnect with your food and indulge in the delicious and healthy world of specialty foods.

Understanding Ramps Vegetable

Wild ramps can be found in forests, wooded areas, and along stream banks in the Appalachian region of the United States in early spring. They typically grow in large groups and are identifiable by their broad green leaves and long, white bulbs. It is important to forage ramps sustainably and with permission from landowners or authorities to ensure their preservation.

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