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Pawpaws have a soft texture, and can be as firm as an avocado or as tender as a silky custard when ripe. Their flavor varies based on region, cultivar, and growing conditions, but they always taste tropical! Think something between a mango and a banana (hence one of their common names, bandango!)

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Produced by NAPGA* and The Ohio Pawpaw Festival, this pawpaw cookbook features 120 recipes from the fruit’s devoted fans, including award-winners from the Ohio Pawpaw Festival.


1) Pick up your cookbook at the Ohio Pawpaw Festival! Attend the cookbook launch party on 9/17 to meet contributors, enter our raffle, and pick up your pre-ordered cookbook. Select “free local pickup” at checkout. Details about the launch party location and time will be communicated via email.

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Pawpaws go by a lot of names – Appalachian banana, bandango, custard apple, Indiana banana – but their Linnaean name (Asimina triloba) comes from a group of Indigenous tribes native to the Upper Mississippi Valley that called the fruit asimines. Pawpaws have played an important role throughout the history of North America: they were a common food for many Native tribes, they’ve been eaten in times of war and economic hardship, and they’ve been prized for their beloved flavor!

Today, several universities have programs studying their cultivation and market potential, and you can find pawpaw festivals in at least nine different states! This year, Foraged is sponsoring the Ohio Pawpaw Festival, one of the biggest events dedicated to this native fruit!

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Stop by Foraged’s booth at the Ohio Pawpaw Festival to chat with JB and Chaundrea about how Foraged is building a community of native and wild food fanatics!

Foraged Market is sponsoring the Pawpaw Cookoff by offering gift cards to entrants who sign-up before the festival! Now through September 16th, receive a $25 Foraged Gift Card when you submit your recipe for the Pawpaw Cookoff at the Ohio Pawpaw Festival! There are a limited number of gift cards available, so sign up now to receive $25 to shop wild foods, specialty foods, and above all – pawpaws!


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