An Essential Guide to Tiger Lily

  1. Tiger lily, also known as Lilium lancifolium, is a stunning plant that can be found in the wild across Asia. Sought after for its medicinal properties, these delicate flowers have been used traditionally to treat various ailments such as coughs, inflammation, and even female reproductive issues. At Foraged, we're proud to offer these beautiful blooms to our customers, who are always seeking unique and healthy foods to incorporate into their diet. Try tiger lilies in your next salad or as a garnish for a special dish, and experience the magic of reconnecting with nature and your food.

Understanding Tiger Lily

A tiger lily is a vibrant and eye-catching flower that typically has orange petals with black spots, resembling the fur of a tiger. The flower typically has six petals that curve upward, and is supported by a tall and sturdy stem. At the center of the flower, there is a long, thin stamen with bright yellow anthers. Overall, the tiger lily is a beautiful and distinctive flower that is sure to catch the eye of any passerby.

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