Turkey Tail Mushroom
Turkey tail mushroom are a beautiful mushroom species best used for functional or medicinal purposes. They often resemble a turkey’s tail (hence their clever name). This tough, fan-like mushroom has beautiful striations of color, as indicated by its “versicolor” name, and white inner flesh. Its surface is finely fuzzy or velvety to the touch.
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What do you use Turkey Tail for?

Because of its tough texture, turkey tails are best enjoyed dried and ground and used as an extract. You’ll find turkey tail mushrooms in a variety of teas and tinctures in our marketplace, as well as dried and shredded turkey tails for your own concoctions. Turkey tail is commonly consumed mixed with hot water, like tea or coffee. You might also flavor your tea with your favorite sweetener like honey or maple syrup. 

Turkey Tail Mushroom Identification

Turkey tails are a bracket fungi, meaning they grow out horizontally instead of gaining height. They primarily grow on dead, deciduous trees, in the “wounds” of living trees, and on coniferous trees throughout many countries including Canada and the U.S. Fruiting season for turkey tails can range from May to December, depending on region. They have pores on the white or pale brown underside, rather than gills. Colors can be highly variable, from white to black, and blue, red, orange, and more in between. Because of their unique look, they are easy to identify while foraging.

Turkey Tail Mushroom Benefits

Turkey tails are believed to have a myriad of health benefits. Like so many mushrooms, they contain antioxidants, help boost your immune system, and help to reduce inflammation.They can also help with gut health, as they contain prebiotics and fiber. Further studies (conducted on animals) also showed signs of use for reduced insulin resistance, fighting HPV, improving existing cancer treatments, and preventing obesity. Like all products used for health benefits, you should always check with your health care provider before adding a new supplement.

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