Porcini mushrooms, also known as Cep and King Bolete, are a meaty species with a brown cap and thick, white stalks. The younger version of these is often known as button mushrooms. This is a coveted and widely used mushroom in kitchens worldwide.
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Porcini Mushroom Recipes

With a meaty texture and nutty, earthy flavor, porcini can be eaten raw, preferably when they are young and unblemished. Like all edible mushrooms, however, they are delicious when cooked. This versatile variety can be grilled, fried, dried, sautéed, or pickled, and adds earthy texture to sauces and soups. 

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How to Find Wild Porcini Mushrooms Near Me

Porcini are best harvested when young, before pests have had time to burrow inside. Older, larger mushrooms are much more susceptible to insect damage. Boletes form a symbiotic relationship with the roots of trees in forests, and therefore often grow around the roots. They are most commonly found in areas with birch, beech, and various conifers, and like to grow where the sun can reach the ground. Autumn is a common time for these mushrooms, but there is often a short season in March and April in many areas. As Gro Cycle states, “A good, humid spring will ensure a strong harvest in the fall.”

Porcini Health Benefits

Like many mushrooms, porcini is a great way to add bulk and meaty texture to a meal without a lot of calories and fat. They offer protein as well as iron, fibers, and vitamins C and A. These tasty mushrooms contain bountiful antioxidants, and their nutrients help with digestive health, immune system support, inflammation, and so much more.

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